How long is the show?
NEW SHOW! Longer route! AND MORE Light Features! The show length varies depending on how fast you choose to drive and how many cars are in attendance on the night you visit the show. We recommend driving at an idle speed of just 1 mph. At this correct speed, Dasher’s Lightshow drive through will entertain your car load for approximately 20 minutes while on site.
How does ticketing work?
For the drive through experience, you will need to purchase per person. For four or more occupants, you can purchase at a discounted rate.
How will the tickets be redeemed?
Tickets purchased online will be sent a confirmation email with an electronic ticket with a barcode/QR code. Your electronic ticket will be scanned upon your arrival to the show.
What kinds of vehicles are permitted into the show?
Normal passenger vehicles are permitted into the show. This include cars, trucks and vans. No trailers, buses, limousines, oversized vans or larger vehicles are permitted. If in question, please email Without prior approval, you may be denied access. Manager’s discretion.
Can I purchase tickets at the gate?
Online tickets are recommended as they guarantee entry but tickets are available at the gate🌟
Am I allowed to get out of my car?
If you need to use the restroom, you may exit your vehicle while waiting for the show in the queue line. Please be aware of your surroundings and other vehicles. Dasher’s Lightshow is not responsible for accidents. For the safety of all Dasher’s Lightshow visitors, once you have entered the drive thru show, all drivers and passengers are not permitted to exit their vehicle. In the event of an emergency, a Dasher’s Lightshow team member will assist you.
Can the passengers ride in the back of my truck?
We ask that you arrive safely to the show in your vehicle seatbelts. Once on the property, please carefully and quickly move your occupants to the bed of the truck. Please be aware of your surroundings and other vehicles!! Make sure everyone returns to their seatbelts before exiting onto the highway for your departure.
How can I hear the music?
The lights at Dasher’s Lightshow are synced to music that will be played over the radio. The station will be provided to you upon arrival. The radio station will be posted at the Dasher Location and Dasher staff can assist you to find it if needed as well.
Have additional questions?
Email us at